The Way Of Questions

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The Way Of Questions


It's becoming easier to notice that uncertainty is the new certainty. Whether we struggle or flourish in uncertainty depends on the questions we live from.

We navigate uncertainty well when we live from new questions. We struggle when we live from old questions. Old questions have no power to inspire new perspectives. If we're not getting new perspectives in any realm of life, it's simply because we're still trying to operate from old questions.

When we create a present and future different from the past, it's because we're living from new questions. For each of the 7.5 billion of us on the planet, we always do the best we can based on our questions at the time. Our questions define us.

Crafting new questions is a new literacy. In times of uncertainty, we flourish as we learn to live from new questions.

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There is much about this world our great-grandparents might not have imagined possible. 

We have daily access to more news and updates than they had from a year's worth of newspapers and radio programming. Neighborhoods in any climate can become completely power and food self-sufficient. With smart phones, we can be seen and treated in real time by medical staff on the other side of the planet.

Our houses and pets can text us at work when they need some kind of attention. We can pull out of our back pockets a world of knowledge, music and film. Soon, an elderly family member who can no longer drive can text for a safer-than-humans driverless car whenever they need one. We can continue to be gifted by their freedom to be engaged.

It's unclear what's next. Uncertainty is the new certainty. We daily stumble on new puzzles that perplex us, new dilemmas that devil us and new crossroads that cross us. We are particularly baffled how with change as life's prime constant, we still have problems that persist despite even well-intended efforts otherwise.

Problems that most persist, personally and collectively, are those we keep trying to solve with the wrong questions. When we struggle for new perspectives, it's when we use the wrong questions to navigate new uncertainties. The wrong questions are the old questions.

Old questions don't have the power to unfold new insights or deeper understandings of anything. Only new questions have this power. Navigating new landscapes of uncertainty requires the new literacy of crafting new questions.



 11 Invitation

The primacy of questions

 15 Our questions define us

 19 Learning our way into the future

 22 New questions

 26 Not bad people 


 31 Humility 

 35 More questions, better questions

 37 Not all questions are equal

 40 Old questions, disguised

 42 Questions not to answer

 44 Beliefs

 47 Vulnerable beliefs

 50 Deep questions

 55 Stuckness

 57 How we learn to be uncurious

The nature of questions

 65 Our relationship to uncertainty

 67 Being right

 70 Certainty, the addiction 

 72 The way of intuition

 74 Assuming our way into the future 

 76 Do we really need beliefs?

 79 Seductive questions

 81 Growth mindsets

 83 Perspectives

 85 Exceptions and outliers 

 87 Delicious ambiguity 

 89 When people don't want deeper understanding

 91 The gift of skepticism

 93 Learning questions

 95 A better self

 97 Looking good

 99 The new normal

The world of questions

105 Education

108 At work

111 Experts

113 Growing a business

116 Entrepreneurship

118 The sharing economy

119 Technology

121 The optimist-pessimist polarity

124 Getting questions wrong in the commons

126 Rethinking cities

129 Politics

132 Democracy and creativity

135 Religion

138 The need for enemies

141 Poverty

144 Human rights 

146 Gender

148 Intimacy 

151 Growing the next generation

152 Family

154 Overwhelm

157 Cultivating an inquisitive mindset

159 For a better way, find a better why

160 More beautiful questions