The Power Of Circles


The Power Of Circles

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The Power Of Circles

2014 Jack Ricchiuto DesigningLife Books | Paperback 160p

From the Back Cover

The Power Of Circles outlines the business case for engagement and a 5-dimensional model for the practice of facilitation. It offers 20 compelling principles toward a manifesto of engagement and a handbook of 60 practice activities designed to help you grow the skillsets required to take your capacity for designing and facilitating engagement to new levels of impact.

Whether you're a teacher, trainer, leader or organizer, you will make this a must-read on your path to designing engagement where people learn, work and live.


  • 6 Invitation
  • 8 An engaged world
  • 33 Practices of facilitation
  • 44 The engagement manifesto
  • 69 Engagement as inquiry and listening
  • 77 Facilitator as designer
  • 89 Practice activities
  • 154 About the author