The Joy Of Thriving


The Joy Of Thriving

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The Joy Of Thriving

2012 Jack Ricchiuto DesigningLifeBooks | Paperback, 240p

Drawing from Jack's worldwide research and surveys of hundreds of positive psychology studies, The Joy Of Thriving presents a practical and inspiring exploration of 5 core practices that empower us to reclaim authorship of our happiness in our life and work.





First course ~ The five practices of happiness 25 At the heart of happiness 29 Appreciation 34 Generosity 37 Interest 41 Lightness 44 Easy 48 Reclaiming our freedom

Second course ~ The benefits of practice

53 Well-being 55 Quest for meaning 56 Mindfulness 58 The power of ones and twos 60 Upward spirals 62 Kicking' it: The magic of set points

Third course ~ Everyday practice

67 Happiness as teacher 69 The possibilities of generosity 73 The paradox of special 77 Understanding 79 The fine art of savoring 81 A meaningful life 82 How we create space and time 83 Radical self-acceptance 86 Variation as delight 89 Happiness is its own reward 91 Mountains, molehills 93 Yes: The power of and 96 Zen and the art of smiling 97 Freedom and happiness 101 Practice on the scale of two

Fourth course ~ Suffering is optional

105 The five practices of unhappiness 107 Suffering as denial 109 Why we suffer so 113 Ambivalence about happiness 116 Pain body 120 Happy endings Fifth course ~ Transitions to happiness 125 Transition attention 128 Faith 129 Buoyancy: The power of the four truths 132 Serious about our seriousness 135 Thriving

Sixth course ~ The future of our connections

139 Present together, happy together 142 The primacy of moments 145 Finding their itch 147 In generosity, timing is everything 149 Having no enemies 151 Joy in uniqueness 153 Easier conversations 156 No idea 157 Opportunity spaces 159 Hanging out

Seventh course ~ Happy planet

165 Caring for the whole 168 How many people does it take? 171 The indicators of happy communities 175 Creating happier communities of work 180 Xenophilia 184 The power of resonance 188 What if 191 The future of happiness on the planet 193 Your greatest gift to your world