Beyond Recipes


Beyond Recipes


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2014 Jack Ricchiuto DesigningLife Books Paperback, 120p $14.95 US

"The conversation here is about mastering and enjoying more variety in our cooking. At the heart of variety is cooking with an intention to improvise. I find that people who love cooking love improvising in the kitchen. They enjoy the art of transforming what's available into what's possible. They are more versatile with simple ingredients. Their cooking, eating and life reach new levels of vitality."

From the Invitation

In Beyond Recipes, 16-time author Jack Ricchiuto explores how to go beyond being intimidated or constrained by recipes so we can discover the possibility of cooking with more variety. Beginning with a single ingredient, we can cook up dishes of unplanned delights.

The book is rich in ideas, principles and inspiration.

  • Develop your cooking profile
  • Discover how food works
  • Create an agile kitchen
  • Improvise with what you have
  • Cook for variety, versatility and vitality

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