Realizing your potential

At the core of our potential is everything we can physically do. This includes things we do well and other we don't, things we do consistency and those we don't, and things that align with our why and those that don't. 

To enagage any aspects of our potential is to realize our potential. Each part of our day is an opportunity to realize more of our potential. The intention to realize more of our potential goes beyond the intention to just get things done. It infuses action with meaning. It grows our potential. 

We can consider what kinds of our potential we can engage in any task, meeting, conversation, project or relationship. It's useful to regularly check in on and update our potentials inventory we plan our days, weeks and months.  

When we regularly notice the usefulness of any specific potential, we can turn it into more of a habit so it automatically kicks in when we need it most. The more connected we are with our potentially, the more we live and work with confidence, clarity and courage.