The ROI of Agile Canvas Strategic Planning

The Agile Canvas is a uniquely simple and scalable way to organize every dimension of strategic planning. In contrast to most traditional strategic planning models and practices the Canvas creates a process that is entirely Realistic, Ongoing and Inclusive.


At the heart of the process are questions that keep us continuously data-driven rather than speculative, assumptive and at risk for unconscious biases. Instead of presuming our way into the future, we learn our way into it. We also optimize the tension of polarities implicit in any intelligent strategy process, especially when our world is one of unprecedented levels of complexity.


Rather than being periodic and quickly out of date, the Canvas keeps us continuously strategic. We update our directions and learning every two quarters. This keeps us proactive and focused in manageable opportunity windows rather than reactive and distracted. Because change is a constant, the imperative to be continuously strategic gives us the intelligence of resilience. Everyone stays continuously aligned, which is important because alignment is speed.


When we work from the now well-documented realities that people only support what they help create and we are smarter together, the process can engage any number and diversity of stakeholders to the organization. The Canvas guarantees that every voice is heard and synthesized into the strategies that emerge and the engagement of strengths that ultimately make our threats and weaknesses less relevant.

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